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Hand made with Love in Singapore


Bed Pockets



Duvet Covers & Pillowcases

Face Masks

Garnment Bags

Glass Cases

Hair Bands

Health Book Cover


Passport Covers

Pie Bag


Relax & Yoga

Relax & Yoga


Seat Cushions

Swim Bags

Tote Bags

Toiletry Bags



Hi, my name is Valerie, I'm a French mum of 3 little ones, 2 boys and 1 girl. I started sewing on a whim during my free time out of the desire to give my children personalized and practical outfits that matched their personal style. Seeing my children proudly wear their outfits that ''My Mommy Made'', I came up with ideas for new ones. Friends would ask me to make things for them, and as my skills improved, I expanded the range of my sewing projects to include personalized designs. Eventually, they convinced me to start selling my handmade creations to make them available to a wider audience.

AMaClem stands for the names of my 3 children, who remain my biggest fans :

A for Alexandre, Ma for Maxime and Clem for Clementine.

I design and sew practical accessories ranging from glass cases, hairs bands, napkin cases, passport covers, scarves, to garnment bags, swim bags, tote bags, and bath/beach towels for everyday use. I also sew custom-made blankets, cushion covers, quilts, pillow cases, and doll placemats & napkins which brighten up your home interior !

Each creation is a unique piece, and lovingly made by hand, with great attention to detail and quality. I love to create and design new pieces, using carefully selected materials, that reflect my personal style. My creations are inspired by the color, texture, and patterns of the fabrics which I personally handpick in France and Singapore.

I'm available to discuss and accommodate any special requests.



Valerie Logerais

+65 8189 8795


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